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Aura is an innovative reverb plugin designed to propel your audio productions into new realms of creativity and sound design. Whether you're working with vocals, instruments, or full mixes, Aura offers intuitive controls and expansive options to craft the perfect sonic environment. With an interface that's approachable for beginners but with the depth to satisfy professionals, it is the ideal tool for artists seeking to distinguish their sound.


  • Intuitive user interface designed for both beginners and professionals
  • Streamlined interface for intuitive navigation and ease of use.
  • Powered by over 140 meticulously balanced parameters.
  • Experience 33 meticulously tailored presets that redefine immersive sound design.
  • 44 custom designed impulse responses.
  • Pitch control within the Sparkle Generator for nuanced sound sculpting
  • Expansive reverb options with adjustable decay for perfect tailoring of space.
  • Versatile chorus feature within the reverb for creating lush, wide soundscapes.
  • Intuitive damp control to fine-tune the reverb’s warmth and resonance.
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Built By Musicians & Producers
  • Lifetime Customer Support
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More About Aura Shape Shifter

Dive into the depths of sonic exploration with Aura Space Shifter, our innovative reverb plugin that elevates your audio productions into new dimensions of creativity and sound design. Engineered for versatility, Aura seamlessly integrates into any workflow, from vocals and instruments to full mixes, offering an expansive suite of features that cater to both novice and seasoned professionals alike.

•Minimum Requirements•

Aura Space Shifter is compatible with macOS (10.13 to 10.15) and Windows (8 or 10), requiring a 64-bit host in VST3 or AU formats and at least 4GB of RAM for optimal performance.

•Join the Dream Audio Family•

With Aura Space Shifter, you're not just getting a plugin; you're becoming part of the Dream Audio family. We're dedicated to supporting your creative journey every step of the way, providing a tool that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for audio production and sound design.

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  • User-Friendly Interface

    Designed for ease of use without sacrificing depth, Aura's intuitive interface makes advanced sound design accessible to all skill levels.

  • Impulse Responses

    Immerse yourself in sound with 44 custom-designed impulse responses, tailor-made to enrich your audio with unparalleled depth and dimension.

  • Preset Perfection

    Choose from 33 expertly crafted presets, each offering unique soundscapes that push the boundaries of immersive sound design.

  • Sparkle Generator

    Modify pitch within the Sparkle Generator for nuanced sound sculpting, adding brilliance and texture to your tracks.

  • Chorus

    Enhance your reverb with a versatile chorus feature, creating lush, wide soundscapes that enrich the listening experience.

  • Adaptible Reverb

    With expansive reverb options and adjustable decay, Aura allows for perfect tailoring of the sonic space, from subtle ambiance to vast landscapes.

  • Minimum Requirements

    Aura Space Shifter is compatible with macOS (10.13 to 10.15) and Windows (8 or 10), requiring a 64-bit host in VST3 or AU formats and at least 4GB of RAM for optimal performance.

Effortlessly Transform Your Sound

Elevate your sound to new heights with just a few clicks. Give your music a unique style that truly makes you stand out from other artists, ensuring your artistic voice is not just heard, but unforgettable.

Dream Audio

Dream Audio products are meticulously crafted by musicians and producers who understand the nuances of sound. We take immense pride in offering tools that are destined to become your go-to secret weapon in music production, enhancing your creative process and elevating your sound to new levels.

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